Environment Friendly

Environment is the most important aspect in today's life and we would like to inform you that our organization works with full consideration towards being Eco friendly. We give full importance to the environmental factors like Recycling of paper, use of starch gum & staple-less boxes. We have equipped ourselves with the latest glue-pasting machines for staple-less boxes and also use vegetable starch instead of synthetic adhesive.

Recycling Works

Corrugated is a natural, environmental friendly medium that is recycled more than any other packaging material. Corrugated has been recycled for decades. As a matter of fact, almost 76% of all corrugated is currently recovered from recycling. We at DGPL have improved corrugation techniques over the years and have learned to make stronger boxes using less raw materials, and generating less waste at the source. Corrugated packaging as such allows significant source reduction by eliminating the need for over wrap and secondary packaging. Better yet, even the raw material used to make corrugated are renewable resources. Corrugated boxes are also manufactured with respect for the environment.

  • Ozone depleting chemicals have been virtually eliminated from the manufacturing process
  • The use of heavy metals has been drastically reduced
  • Over 97% of ink on boxes is now water based and non-toxic
  • Virtually all box plant trimmings (waste from manufacturing) are recycled.